Cinnamoroll My Melody Kuromi Pompompurin Inspired Checkerboard Pattern Cardigan


Hello Kitty Inspired Cream and Red Button Front Cardigan with Diamond Shape Detail


Cinnamoroll Inspired Cream and Blue Button Front Cardigan with Diamond Shape Detail


Pastel Purple Plush Heart Button Cardigan


My Melody Inspired Plushie on the Pocket Pink Cardigan with Ruffle Edge Collar


【Pre-order Ships by Nov 15】Kuromi Black and Purple Plush Cardigan with Faux Fur Trim Detailing


Kuromi Cinnamoroll Pompompurin Keroppi Plush Cardigan


Pompompurin Inspired Handmade Yellow Cardigan


Strawberry Style White Cardigan with Red Button


Cinnamoroll Inspired Lace Edge Blue Cardigan

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